The first digital therapeutics for menstrual disorders

Ovulai is a digital health coach for women with menstrual related issues and PCOS to manage their symptoms using evidence-based programs for lifestyle management

How it works

Ovulai’s personalized lifestyle management programs


Based on a self-assessment of your symptoms and preferences, a personalized program is curated for you

Health plan

Your evidence-based program is proven to contribute to hormonal and metabolic improvements and relieving symptoms


Get actionable advice on how to solve the root cause of your symptoms by implementing new lifestyle and dietary changes


Coaching based on behavioural science to motivate you to achieve and sustain the lifestyle changes for a long term relief

Ovulai makes knowledge about women's menstrual health accessible and actionable

The Team

We are a Stockholm based founding team with background from KTH and Karolinska Institute with previous experience from MedTech and startups. We have been named finalists in Stockholms Innovationsstipendium 2021, Innovationskraft 2020,  winner of “Best innovative idea” at Sting Test Drive HealthTech 2020 and gotten the award “Beyond Academic” at Venture Cup Sweden Region East 2021. We are currently enrolled in KTH Innovation Pre-Incubator program.


Chief Quality Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Scientific Officer

Maria Forslund

Medical Reviewer
OB-GYN Physician & PhD

Marie Blom

Content Writer
Clinical Psychologist

Minda Jonsson

Content Writer
Licensed Nutritionist

Elise Nöjd

Content Writer
Certified Health Coach

Contact Us

We are constantly looking for women who would like to be part of this journey and help us perfect the product by taking part of user studies or early testing.

Please reach out if you find this interesting and want to know more.

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