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“Fearless females solving female issues” Ovulai @ Women In Tech Sweden 2024 💜

We’re still buzzing with excitement from the incredible panel discussion featuring our co-founder Leyla Ali Dholey, who was invited to share the stage with Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen co-founder of LEIA Health. The session was expertly moderated by the amazing Stephanie Darvill, focusing on how we leverage technology to enhance women’s health and bridge the gender data gap!

The energy in the room was palpable, and we’re still moved by the moment when every single person in the audience raised their hand in response to our question about experiencing a health issue where they felt unseen, unheard, or invalidated. With over 2500+ attendees and a majority being women, it was a powerful moment that underscored the urgency of the challenges we’re addressing!

The consequences of the gender data gap is more than a statistic though; it’s a silent killer. But with solutions like ours, hyper-focused on women specific data, we’re actively closing that gap. We’re leveraging technology to literally transform the lives of women for the better! 

Last year alone, we at Ovulai helped over 6000+ women with the chronic condition PCOS, improving their quality of life and feel symptom relief. Now, with the support of over 40 OBGYN clinics and counting believing in our vision, we are expanding our plattform to various gynecological, hormonal, and menstrual conditions and ensuring that no other woman feels unseen, unheard, or invalidated on her health journey.

If you’re passionate about closing the gender data gap, have a tech background or just seeking support for your own health issues, we invite you to join our waiting list and participate in our test groups as we expand to address additional women’s health issues. Check out if your health concerns are in the link in the comment section below.

Together, we’re rewriting the narrative for women’s health and support—not just for ourselves, but for our daughters and their daughters too!

A heartfelt thank you once again for the invitation and to everyone involved in organizing Women In Tech SwedenStephanie DarvillÅsa JohansenElin Eriksson, the incredible hypewomen Anna Mourou & the entire team. 💜