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Women in Business Network

Ovulai – Årets framtidslöfte 2023

Yesterday Ovulai received “Future Promise” award at the Women in Business (WiB Network) Gala! We are incredibly honored and grateful that Ovula’s work has been recognized in this way, especially by other leading women in the business world.

This award strengthens our commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive care to women living with chronic conditions and hopefully making a meaningful difference in their lives. We believe that every woman should have the right to access adequate information and care when she needs it. And we are dedicated to making this a reality, starting from the PCOS diagnosis!

The jury’s motivation read: “This year’s award winner has done something that no one else has succeeded in so far. They have created easily accessible guidance for women that both educates and guides for self-care. They facilitate for women with chronic conditions that they otherwise cannot get help with and at the same time unburden healthcare. They define and digitize patient flows from symptoms to diagnosis, to treatment, ensuring that women can receive the right care and the right treatment. One might think that it is a fundamental right to receive adequate healthcare help, but they take matters into their own hands and offer solutions that no other actor has been able to solve for women. This year’s Future Promise goes to Ovulai, who with a digital app guides women through knowledge and support to solve their personal PCOS problems.”

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